About The Board

Act TravelWise is made up from a number of volunteers within the transport sector passionate about all things sustainable.

Craig 200 200

Craig Barrack

Organisation: carbon heroes

Title: Managing Director

Email: craig@acttravelwise.org

Craig is the founder of carbon heroes, who specialise in the technology, promotion and engagement of car sharing and other initiatives to encourage modal shifts. Craig's background encompasses software development, technology sales and marketing, business evangelism, business strategy, and general management.  Prior to carbon heroes, Craig was responsible for the UK subsidiary of the French company Netsize S.A. and then ran his own consultancy, Mobile Networking Ltd.

Craig joined the board of Act TravelWise in November 2012, and is the Executive Committee member responsible for Marketing and Membership.  He is also a founding member of the Carplus working group created to promote and create standards for the 2+  car sharing sector.

Dan Blanchet

Dan Blanchet

Organisation: IBase Systems

Title: Commercial Manager

Email: dan@acttravelwise.org

Dan Blanchet has been the Commercial Manager with iBase Systems Ltd for over 15 years. Dan’s first involvement with the sustainable transport industry came about in 2005 through significant contributions to a project with the London Borough of Ealing and Transport for London to create iTRACE, a management system to help local authorities record, monitor and evaluate the actual travel behaviour of the community and the effectiveness of travel plans in their area. iTRACE has been adopted by around 30% of UK local authorities and 2016 sees its 10th anniversary.

A significant amount of Dan’s time has been dedicated to supporting the sustainable transport industry and promoting the need for effective management and monitoring of sustainable travel programmes. Dan was elected to the board of Act TravelWise in 2010 and was appointed Treasurer in 2013. Dan also represents the UK on the board of EPOMM, the European Platform on Mobility Management.


Amy Boyle

Amy Boyle

Organisation: Diva Creative

Title: Director of Strategy

Email: amy@acttravelwise.org

Amy is the Director of Strategy at Diva Creative, an integrated marketing agency that delivers behaviour change campaigns and brands, specialising in sustainable transport. Amy has been with the company for eight years, delivering a number of innovative projects across a range of issues. Amy specialises in developing and delivering creative communications and engagement programmes, applying her understanding of social cognitive theories to understand and influence behavioural problems.

Amy has an exceptional track record, underlined by a series of multi-award winning initiatives. As an expert in behaviour change Amy regularly presents and delivers thought-leadership pieces around social marketing and communications.


 Sean Ford 200 200

Sean Ford

Organisation: WSP

Title: Associate

Email: sean.ford@wsp.com

Since 2010, Sean has been an Associate in the Transport team for WSP based in Manchester. He has worked on numerous sustainable travel activities over the years for a variety of stakeholders and public/private clients. Sean previously worked for GMPTE/TfGM promoting public transport and delivering sustainable transport projects across the conurbation of Gtr Manchester. During this time public transport was both friend and foe!

Laura Jacklin

Laura Jacklin

Organisation: Thames Valley Park Travel

Title: Coordinator

Email: laura@acttravelwise.org

Laura has been working for two years as the travel coordinator for Thames Valley Park, a business park in the Wokingham Borough. In this role, Laura has worked with multinational businesses to continue their sustainable travel initiatives. She has noticed the barriers that come with trying to increase the number of employees choosing sustainable commuting options and working with a number of different sectors to show innovative travel options. She is working on renewing the business park's five-year framework travel plan.

Laura has been a part of the TVP Travel Team who have recently won the award of Best Workplace Travel Plan by the Smarter Travel 2016 awards, which has recognised the continuing commitment by businesses to fund a sustainable travel plan for their site and employees.

Rui Marcelino 200 200

Rui Marcelino

Organisation: University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Title: Sustainable Travel & Transport Manager

Email: rui@acttravelwise.org

Rui Marcelino is Sustainable Travel & Transport Manager at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. In that role since 2015, Rui is responsible for the operational and strategic management of the Trust's transport team, car parks and internal road network projects.

He previously was the Workplace Travel Plan Officer for Southampton City Council and a planning officer for a number of local authorities as well as Transport for London. Rui is a programme manager and transport strategy specialist, developing and delivering major change projects for the public sector to improve the customer experience.

Andy Winmill

Andy Winmill

Organisation: WSP

Title: Associate Director

Email: andy@acttravelwise.org

Andy is a travel demand management and behavioural change specialist. During his early career he spent four years in the Smarter Choices team at Hampshire County Council, developing and delivering innovative projects and contributing to wider understanding within the field.

He presently leads the Smarter Travel discipline at WSP with a remit to deliver projects to clients across the UK and internationally. As an experienced professional he takes leading roles in planning, implementing and evaluating smarter travel projects across different sectors.