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As the UK's premier association promoting and facilitating sustainable travel choices, Act TravelWise members benefit from a range of services designed to support them in their projects and careers in sustainable transport and mobility.

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  • 02 Mar 2015

Act TravelWise, in partnership with others, will shortly be launching the UK's Sustainable Travel Business Forum. It will be a forum for business actively engaged in delivering sustainable travel solutions for their staff, visitors and those delivering to and servicing their premises. 

Act TravelWise is looking for expressions of interest from organisations who would like to be part of shaping the scope and direction of the Forum. The Forum will be open to all private organisations irrespective of sector and size.

  • 02 Mar 2015

Act TravelWise would like to welcome its four new volunteers, Alex Ryan, Anna Semlyen, Galo Eduardo Cardenas and Lucila Spotorno.

Alex, Galo and Lucila are Masters students in the MSc Sustainability (Transport) programme at Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds. Anna is the Campaign Manager of 20's Plenty for Us and author of Cutting Your Car Use.

Online Resources
  • 02 Mar 2015

As part of our ongoing effort to provide useful resources to our members, Act TravelWise is seeking to collect relevant Best Practice Case Studies and make them available via our website.

We are interested in any example of where sustainable transport and travel best practice has been used to improve an existing system - whether it is looking to change habits or physical changes to infrastructure.